Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Choosing the Most Appropriate Patio Furniture For Your Outdoor Relaxing and Entertaining Space

Having a patio space to design as an extended living and entertaining area opens up a world of creative opportunities. There are numerous resources available for finding inspiration and suggestions for creating an impressive outdoor relaxation and entertaining area. One of the best ways to begin your outdoor living design is to decide on the type of furniture you want to include. Accents and accessories can be added later.

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting patio furniture is its ability to withstand outdoor weather related conditions. Plastic, resin and PVC furniture are all weather-resistant. All of these are considered to be affordable outdoor furniture options. Resin patio furniture is available in designs that resemble wood and wicker. Resin wicker can give your patio the same tropical, casual, relaxing and serene appearance as natural wicker. There are also resin wicker furniture sets designed to help you create a more contemporary style patio living space.

Plastic, resin and PVC patio furniture is ideal for situations where you may want to rearrange the furniture grouping to accommodate various activities. You have a multitude of seating options to choose from such as loveseats, single chairs in various designs, chaise chairs, tables, ottomans and bench seats with storage.

Teak is a more expensive patio furniture option, yet it is also exceptionally durable. Teak wood is not adversely affected by outdoor elements such as rain or sunshine. You can create an exquisitely impressive living area on your patio using teak wood furniture.

Metal patio sets are readily available and quite attractive. There are a few things to keep in mind if you are considering metal or iron patio furniture. Unlike teak and resin, it is not rust resistant. As time goes by, you may need to repaint the furniture to keep it looking good. Another factor to consider is its weight. Metal furniture is heavier and therefore, not as easy to move around to create various seating configurations as some of your other furniture choices.

Furniture construction material is not the only thing to consider when choosing patio furniture. You also need to select the appropriate amount and size of furniture that will fit comfortably and attractively on your patio. Trying to place too much furniture on a patio will make it look congested. A crowded space is not a relaxing space. Having too much furniture on the patio will make it difficult for guests to walk around and mingle.